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Welding is uniting metallic parts by heating and allowing the metals to flow together. The material used to join the metal parts is called consumables. These consumables are welding rods, welding electrodes, welding wire and contain, among other elements, manganese, a known neurotoxin. The concentrated fumes and Weldergases caused by the welding process inhaled by a welder can cause a wide variety of movement disorders. Among these is Parkinson's Disease, parkinsonism, manganism, Manganese induced parkinsonism and manganese poisoning. All of these conditions are diseases of the brain cells and central nervous system. The symptoms of these disorders are tremors, loss of balance, loss of facial expressions, slowed movement, stiffness of limbs, and difficulty walking.

It is estimated that there are over one half million welders in this country. The manganese toxins produced during the welding process can lead to serious disabilities. These disabilities manifest themselves at an average of fifteen years earlier than in the general public.

The Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Leary has an experienced team of welding rod, manganese and Parkinson's Disease attorneys who have obtained the only jury verdict in the United States against the welding rod manufacturers. Our team provides competent, aggressive representation for those individuals who have been injured by the exposure to welding fumes. If you or your loved one has history of exposure to welding fumes and suffers from the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, manganism, parkinsonism, manganese induced parkinsonism, or manganese poisoning, call us today.

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