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Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Leary is a nationally recognized firm with the highest legal rating (Martindale-Hubbel legal ability rating). For more than 50 years, the firm has been helping individuals and their families who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of negligence.

Many law firms are more interested in signing up cases than they are in actually taking the cases to court. These firms are satisfied with settling for what the insurance companies are willing to offer. Insurance companies know who these firms are and will often try to settle cases with them for much less than the cases are worth.

Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Lear yprepares every case to go to trial. Only when a settlement is in the client's best interest will we recommend a client accept it. Otherwise, the firm is prepared to let a jury decide its value. Because of the firm's ability, dedication and reputation, many other attorneys refer their difficult cases to us. The firm has tried hundreds of cases and has practiced before the Illinois Supreme Court, Missouri Supreme Court, Nebraska Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in verdicts and settlements.

Before retaining a law firm that may not have your best interest at heart, call Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Leary at 1-800-634-6648 for a free consultation.

Terrence V. O' Leary
Robert W. Bosslet, Jr.